About IEN Consultants
We optimize buildings in an integrated design process with the rest of the design team to achieve supreme energy and environmental performance and optimal IAQ. We use advanced computer tools to optimize the building design to achieve the lowest initial costs and the lowest life time costs for the client.

Our knowledge on energy efficiency and green buildings is the result of 34 years of experiences from Europe and Worldwide, including 10 years in SE Asia.

When Integrated Design Optimization is implemented a LEED Gold building typically costs less than 5% extra, and it is a least 5% more valuable. There are no real extra costs for green buildings, only savings.
Our vision is that buildings and transport are low carbon and in balance with what the Earth can handle.

Our mission is to develop and demonstrate low carbon environmentally friendly buildings, and to practice a low carbon professional life regarding transport and office premises.

Our Obligation
We all have an obligation towards future generations on Planet Earth to build environmentally friendly buildings and communities, with a low carbon footprint and with minimal use of Planet Earth’s resources. There are no excuses.

Your environmental choice
We want to work with you to demonstrate that low carbon green buildings are economically and technically feasible, and that there are no compromises between being environmentally responsible and economically prudent. Grey Buildings will lose out in the property market of the future, as Green Buildings will become more valuable and more attractive to businesses and people alike.