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The ST Diamond Building is a landmark energy efficient and environmentally friendly building for the Malaysian Energy Commission in precint 2 in Putrajaya. The unique building is self shading for direct solar radiation, and the facades and the atrium is optimized to direct diffuse daylight into the building. The crown of the atrium has spectrally selective glazing and a dynamic shading system that so that balanced Cool Daylight is admitted to the atrium in response to outdoor lighting conditions.

The Diamond Building has a building integrated cooling system with cooling coils embedded in the concrete floor slabs. This allows input of cooling also during nighttime, and the indoor comfort is increased as floors and ceilings have a surface temperature of 19 – 21oC only.

Official video on Youtube

Article in The Star: “Diamond Building: A shining example of energy efficiency”

Article in The Star: “Diamond building wins top award for energy efficiency”

Input by IEN Consultants

  • Sustainability consultants.

  • Conducted green building design charrettes.

  • Detailed energy simulation (IES).

  • Detailed daylighting simulation (Radiance).

  • Daylight design for 50% of indoor spaces.

  • Grey water recycling system with mini-wetlands.

  • Rainwater harvesting.

  • Sustainable material selection (carpets, paints, plaster boards etc).

  • Floor slab cooling.

  • Air-tightness.

  • Building integrated PV.

  • Energy efficient plug loads.


Green Mark

ASEAN Energy Award 2012
ASHRAE Technology Award 2013 Runner Up

Year of completion: 2010
Project scale: 14,000 m2
Energy benchmark: 65 kWh/m2/year
Client: Malaysian Energy Commission (ST)
Contractor: Putrajaya Perdana Construction
Architects: Prof. Soontorn (Thailand) and NR Architects (Malaysia)