Exterior Views

The GBI Silver provisional certified 14-storey commercial complex Suasana PjH (2C5) is located on the main boulevard of Putrajaya in Precinct 2. Retail and F&B outlets are located at the bottom three floors, above which the office floors are found. The most prominent feature of the building is the double-skin fritted glass facade that covers 80% of the building. This glazed glass screen has gaps, to avoid a build-up of heat in the double-facade space. The Overall Thermal Transmittance Value (OTTV) of the building is 29.1 W/m2. The building has demand-side ventilation control using CO2 sensors. A good and healthy air-quality is also ensured by the choice of low-VOC and non-formaldehyde materials for the interior fit-out. The Building Energy Intensity (BEI) is 136 kWh/m2 year. The building also has a small 220 m2 solar photovoltaic area on the upper part of the roof, with an annual electricity yield of 40.2 MWh.

Externally, vertical landscaping and a herb garden (10% of the total landscaped area) are used to reduce the urban heat island effect and improve biophilia. The use of bioswales within the site ensure that the site's aquifer is replenished and reduces the burden on the public drainage system. Moreover, rainwater harvesting and condensate recovery reduces the potable water consumption for irrigation by more than 50% and reduces the overall potable consumption by 15%.

Input by IEN Consultants

  • GBI facilitator
  • Energy simulation
  • Daylight simulation
  • Water simulation


  • malaysiaGBC Leadership in Sustainability Awards 2020, Winner
    Best New Green Commercial Building


Year of completion: 2015
Client: Putrajaya Holdings
Contractor: WCT
Architect: TR Hamzah & Yeang