Gregers Reimann
Managing Director
Gregers Reimann is the managing director of IEN Consultants, the pioneering green building consultancy in Malaysia, with offices in Singapore as well as China. He specialises in building designs that have good daylighting, are highly energy efficient and have excellent thermal and visual comfort.

Key project references during his 10 years of working in Asia include the Setia City Mall (first green certified shopping mall in Malaysia), the new IKEA in Kuala Lumpur (ongoing), ST Diamond Building (2012 ASEAN Energy Award winner) and the GEO Building designed to be a zero energy office building. Other green projects include the KLIA2 airport terminal, the KL Eco City, energy efficiency building retrofit works, and the Pertamina Energy Tower – the first skyscraper designed to be ZERO energy. Gregers has also been a technical reviewer for the EU Energy-Efficiency Buildings project and is newly appointed Chairman of the “Green Buildings and Sustainable Communities” committee under the EU-Malaysian Chambers of Commerce and Industries (EUMCCI).

Gregers regularly contributes to green building articles and frequently guest lectures at universities internationally. He has a keen interest to pursue innovative and integrated design solutions bridging the gap between architects and engineers. Gregers is also ‘walking the talk’ with respect to green living habits, which includes commuting to work by a foldable electric bicycle that combines easily with public transport.